Car/Room Scented Diffuser

Car/Room Scented Diffuser


These oil diffuser would be a great to use in your car, laundry room, office space, bathroom.
We have a selection of essential/fragrance oil diffuser to select from:

Photo 1 is the :MoodPRISM - Natural
Photo 2: the MoodMOJO - Rose Gold

Both bottles holds essential oils for Aromatherapy car, perfume, fragrance room diffuser. There's custom sanded smooth inserted wood to assist with the aromatherapy diffusion. Easy to use, attractive, high quality and long lasting.Take aromatherapy with you anywhere you go. Boost your state of emotional and physical wellness with every whiff. Diffuse your favorite essential oil or scent all day

The bottle holds 8ml of essential oil or perfume. It comes with a string to hang. Select an oil at checkout or buy empty. It comes with a plastic bottle stopper. When you are ready to use, remove stopper and replace with the wooden cap. Turn the bottle enough to ensure wood inside of cap is infused with the scented oil. (see caution below)

CAUTION & Safety: Do not turn diffuser upside down. Oil will spill out! Be careful to screw the cap on properly and evenly and DO NOT over tighten as this will damage the lid which then could become loose. Gently shake bottle side to side to re-infuse the diffuser when scent fades. Replace stopper if not in use for long periods of time. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Take care not to spill liquid. Do not use where driver's visibility or view is obscured. Please ensure bottle is hanging upright at all times. If leakage occurs, clean surface immediately.

All car diffuser bottles are quality checked for customer use before sending. Misuse of the item will not constitute a refund or replacement. (see caution above)

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